5 Reasons to Choose Hawaii for Sustainable Living

Hawaiian home for sale, perfect for sustainable living

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Desiring to create your own little farm with a lifestyle of sustainable living? Anticipate living in Hawaii with a year round growing season. Though, if you think you can come to Hawaii and throw out your packet of seeds…..think again. The Big Island does not have many areas with what is referred to as “deep soil”. Remember, we have one of the world’s most active volcanos. Lava rock is the norm. The way people build their homes or farm on lava rock is to hire large D-9 caterpillars to “rip” the land. This creates the drainage needed to put in your home’s foundation. If you do not rip the ground, you may want to bring your rubber boots!

That said, the ground is actually very fertile. Trees, seeds and grass will grow without ripping the ground. In fact, it will become a jungle, if not kept at bay. If the “soil” needs the quality improved upon, one can follow the ancient custom of the Hawaiian people by using Kukui nut to treat less fertile “soil”. (Kukui nuts are  called Candle nuts as well, and due to their high oil content these can be burned like candles. Kukui is also used in making the local delicacy
“Hawaiian fish poke” (pronounced like po’kay).

Lava Zone?

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the Lava Zones. While some mortgage lenders will allow loans in lava zone 1 & 2, insurance carriers prefer loans in lava zones 3 or higher.


No need to worry about the water bill from the county. Tropical rain storms generally move into the island in late afternoon or evening. Often, nature’s natural watering process occurs during the night. Rarely is there a need to water or irrigate. Most water containment here on the Big Island of Hawaii (other than
in the cities), is by catchment system…..that is rainwater from your roof. Most insurers want to see 10,000 gallon catchment tanks. Hawaiians have used this catchment method for many years. Most people use a filtration system. Many homeowner’s also install a treatment system, such as a UV (Ultraviolet Water Disinfection

System) or reverse osmosis for drinking water preference.

County water is available free at “waterstations” for drinking/personal use. If you want to avoid chemicals commonly added to municipal water, purified water or reverse osmosis water is sold in many places for .25 a gallon. 3-5 gallon water containers are readily available to purchase at Walmart or other vendors.

In dryer times, county water is available for delivery by huge water trucks if needed. Many people purchase a free standing water dispenser which may hold 3-5 gallon bottles. These are very “handy,” dispensing hot, cold or room
temperature water, depending on your selection.

Sustainable living-add solar energy

Hawaii has been moving more towards solar energy but this is another subject for a later time.

In summary, choose East Hawaii for (1) its’ temperate climate, ranging from average of 63-81 degrees,
(2) the year round growing “season,” (3) Nature’s abundant watering plan, (4) the fertile “soil” and our
green luscious vegetation, (5) Big Island prices on homes and land in the tropics.

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